Grant Evans is an artist living in Georgia, working primarily with electronics, acoustic instruments, field recordings, and magnetic tape.

Partial discography:

ongoing concerns:

Grant Evans
 The Vulture Bardo cassette (Archive) 2019
Ephemerals cassette (Park 70) 2018
Concrete Narcissus cassette (Madriguera) 2018
 Vessel cassette (Null Zone) 2018
Ergot Dogs cassette (Adversary) 2018
Seeking Fragrance cassette (Adversary) 2017
And the Body Beneath CDr (Adversary) 2017
A History of Debris cassette (Adversary) 2016
Frank Baugh & Grant Evans - "We know nothing. Nor is there anything to know." CDr (Adversary) 2016
 The Hyacinth CDr (Adversary) 2016
Repose CDr (Adversary) 2016
Brittle cassette (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2015
Reflection cassette (Adversary) 2015
 Silent Refusal cassette (Invisible City Records) 2015
Juvenilia cassette (Mazurka Editions) 2015
 Respite CDr (VAALD) 2014
 Lacerations cassette (Hooker Vision) 2014
Villages / Grant Evans - split cassette (Sunshine Ltd.) 2013
various - Tired Hands cassette (Worn Habit) 2013
 Roman Persuasion cassette (VAALD) 2013
Dappled with Mock Orange cassette (905 Tapes) 2013
 False Flag Loops cassette (Hooker Vision) 2013
Dragging Alabaster cassette (House Of Sun) 2013
Jewels from the House of Worms cassette (A Guide To Saints) 2012
 Solos for Muted Transparent cassette (Tranquility Tapes) 2012
Lines That Unfold 3" CDr (Kimberly Dawn Recordings) 2012
Tactical Gamelan cassette (Hooker Vision) 2012

Quiet Evenings
 Espions cassette (Adversary) 2018
Oak & Lead cassette (Adversary) 2016
Stork Bite CDr (Adversary) 2016
Other Windows cassette (Hooker Vision) 2014
 Impressions LP (Aguirre Records) 2013
 Quiet Evenings / Sundrips - split cassette (Fadeaway Tapes) 2013
 various - Inscriptions Vol. 2 2x cassette (Sacred Phrases) 2012
 various - Shadow Colors and Maybe Insects cassette (Watery Starve) 2012
 various - Trips 2x cassette (905 Tapes) 2012
 Quiet Evenings / Former Selves - split cassette (Constellation Tatsu) 2012
 various - Duets cassette (Tranquility Tapes) 2012
 Patience Folding Waters cassette (Hooker Vision) 2012
Circle of Vaporous Totem cassette (SicSic) 2011
Seziki Tetrasheaf / Quiet Evenings - split LP (Hooker Vision / Rotifer Cassettes) 2011
Intrepid Trips cassette / LP (Hooker Vision) 2011
 Transcending Spheres CD (Preservation) 2011
Spirit Smoke 3" CDr (Kimberly Dawn Recordings) 2011
Pillars at Night cassette (Tranquility Tapes) 2010
 Cascades 2x 3" CDr (Hooker Vision) 2010
Easy Listening Circles cassette (Digitalis Limited) 2010
My Soul Will Be the Song of the Desert That Will Follow You cassette (Dial Square Tapes) 2010
 Ceremony VHS (Hooker Vision) 2010
 Follow the Water 3" CDr (Hooker Vision) 2010
 The Sun Scorched the Yellow Grass 3" CDr (Hooker Vision) 2010
 Sensitive cassette (Existential Cloth Recordings) 2010
 various - Hooker Vision Compilation Volume Two cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009
 Burning Bridges cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009
 The Soma Mandala cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009
The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009

Ornamental Hairpin
Camus in Japan cassette (Adversary) 2019

no longer active:

Grave Molt
Grave Molt / Silver Casket - Chrysanthemum Maps Vol. III: Salvation Is Within You cassette (VAALD) 2015
s/t cassette (VAALD) 2014

Hollow Light
Hollow Light / Spur + Phial - Chrysanthemum Maps Vol. II: The Heart of the Problem cassette (VAALD) 2015
Courtesan / Cypress Branch cassette (VAALD) 2014

  Negative Crown

Marble Verse / Negative Crown - Chrysanthemum Maps Vol. I: Heavenly Deceit cassette (VAALD) 2015
Demo II cassette (VAALD) 2014
Demo I cassette (VAALD) 2014

  White Resin

Spirit 1992 cassette (VAALD) 2014
various - Malediction cassette (VAALD) 2014
Dektol cassette (VAALD) 2014

various - Malediction cassette (VAALD) 2014
Withheld CDr (VAALD) 2014
s/t cassette (VAALD) 2013
Down Chanson cassette (VAALD) 2013


Ambulette / Burial Shroud - split cassette (VAALD) 2013


Sigil Infection cassette (VAALD) 2013

  Torn Birch

Effigy cassette (VAALD) 2013

 Coyote Image etc.
Calico Field Recordings - s/t cassette (Noumenal Loom) 2013
various - Duets II cassette (Tranquility Tapes) 2013
Perspectives / Coyote Dream Exiles - split cassette (Hooker Vision) 2013
Courtly Illusion Limited - s/t cassette (Space Slave Editions) 2013
 Coyote Image Medicinals - s/t 3" CDr (Kimberly Dawn Recordings) 2013
Coyote Image Classic - s/t 2x cassette (Hooker Vision) 2012

Peyote Cristal
 various - Inscriptions Vol. 2 2x cassette (Sacred Phrases) 2012
Foreign Tongues cassette (Housecraft Records) 2012

 Resigned to Quartz 7" lathe (Cooper Cult) 2014
 Crippling / Ala Vjiior - split cassette (Worn Habit) 2012
Digital Natives / Crippling - split cassette (Hooker Vision) 2012
 Creation Myths 3" CDr (Hooker Vision) 2012
Fleeting Talisman cassette (Hooker Vision) 2012

  Moss Swarm
Seance Horizon 3" CDr (Hooker Vision) 2010

Modern Lamps
Astral Qabalah cassette / CDr (Hooker Vision) 2010
various - Hooker Vision Compilation Volume Two cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009

Vitrazh / Hostage PageantSurvivalist No-Fi Vol. II cassette (Head Destroyer Tapes) 2010
Ritual Hostility cassette (Hooker Vision) 2010
At Fever Lodge cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009

 Nova Scotian Arms
Cult Spectrum LP (Digitalis Recordings) 2012
Winds Over Silmäterä 2x cassette (Hooker Vision) 2011
 Nova Scotian Arms / Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Crystal Anniversary LP (Aguirre Records) 2011
Nova Scotian Arms / Permanent Bedhead ‎– split cassette (Sacred Phrases) 2011
various ‎– Climax #3 4x cassette (Cloud Valley) 2011
various - Inscriptions Vol. 1 2x cassette (Sacred Phrases) 2011
Brian Lavelle / Nova Scotian Arms ‎– split cassette (Tranquility Tapes) 2011
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel / Nova Scotian Arms - Slow Architecture 2x cassette (Sweat Lodge Guru) 2011
Sacred Drift cassette / CDr (Sonic Meditations) 2011
Temporal Maneuvers CDr (Ruralfaune Synth Series) 2010
Dwellings cassette (Dial Square Tapes) 2010
Sun Flange cassette (Digitalis Limited) 2010
  Nova Scotian Arms / Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - The Fire Cult To Your Dream Child cassette (Hooker Vision) 2010
 Skyed Out cassette (Hooker Vision) 2010
 Translations 3" CDr (Hooker Vision) 2010
 s/t cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009
 Blackout Machine cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009
 various - Hooker Vision Compilation Volume Two cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009
Graveyard Rāga Observations cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009
Skinny Insect / Nova Scotian Arms - Parethesia cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009
various - Hooker Vision Compilation Volume One cassette (Hooker Vision) 2009
Broad St. Ambient CDr (Hooker Vision) 2008
Spiid / Nova Scotian Arms - split CDr (Hooker Vision) 2008
Nova Scotian Arms / The Ex-Sanguinator - split CDr (Hooker Vision) 2008
Rachel Evans / Nova Scotian Arms - Crickets / That's Where They Jump the Whales CDr (Hooker Vision) 2008
Adrift CDr (Hooker Vision) 2008
Tremble in Blue: Or, the Bodies We Leave Behind CDr (Hooker Vision) 2008
Howard Hughes CDr (Hooker Vision) 2008

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